About Bengal Fashion Fiesta

We from SPARSH would like to invite you to take part in an incredible opportunity to support our efforts nationwide. We are reaching out to you because we feel that your organization would be an essential partner in our journey. You will have the chance to promote your business while raising your voice against the biggest demon of our society.

Sparsh is an emerging media & entertainment organization that has wide range of services and unique events. Sparsh provides full service Event Management, Media & Entertainment, Promotion and Association Management services. We have developed a sound reputation for creativity, efficiency, ability to meet deadlines and flawless execution of events. We believe that when a few insightful people come together, they can frame an enlightening path which in turn can be used for client’s benefits eventually uplifting the brand. We are holding the entertainment world in a very caring & gorgeous way. This delightful journey in conjunction with hard work & dedication is diffused with hurdles, yet we believe that creativity gives us a push & pumps new energy in our lives. We are nourishing and spreading our roots by touching every part of the media world.

Staging a Fashion Show is a great way to raise awareness and mobilize a community to make positive differences to our society. Fashion is no longer just about clothes or brands. Fashion shows have become an exercise in socio cultural engagement with the community.We firmly believe that if life can be changed for better through the efforts of educating society by our fashion show, then our work is worth it.Success in delivering emotive and spectacular Fashion Shows depends on having a great team, as there are many specialists who need to work closely together with the designer to deliver the right results and showcase the designers’ creative vision. Fashion and design is such a specialized, unique industry it requires a caring, individualized approach and delivery.

Sparsh is responsible for showcasing fashion shows by fostering qualitative opportunities for designers to showcase their creativity and to create a significant mark on international fashion industry while providing a platform for identification and nurturing of individual identities with potential to be future fashion leaders and role models. At the same time, merchandisers in constant search to add value to their fashion offerings can access a highly creative platform for brand building. The Indian Fashion Industry is undergoing a major transformation with a clear understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviors at every touch point and Sparsh during this period of change wants to be a part of this initiative in reinventing the future of fashion in a customer-centric era.

Rise and raise your voice!

Fashion Shows have always been glamorous events which boost visibility and create awareness among people. Fashion has always been used to attract one and all and generate a huge Amount of buzz within the masses. A fashion show not only gives designers and brands a platform to show their collections, but to establish a point of view and communicate a strong message for everyone and anybody. To achieve a change in attitude, to create awareness and to make a positive difference to our society, SPARSH with a passion for fashion is coming up with Bengal Fashion Fiesta (BFF) to combat these social menaces through the lens of fashion.